Fall Destinations – Crete

Crete is an island with many towns and villages. During Fall, after tourist season, the crowds are limited, making the visit more relaxing. The temperatures are lower, so tours are possible at all times, not just in the morning or afternoon. And be sure that you have may things to see.


Chania should be in your itinerary if you plan to visit Crete in Fall. The beautiful Old Town with colored alleys, the picturesque port known worldwide and the 13 museums that you can visit, will occupy you for several days. (Chania Hotels)


Chania Port

Chania 2

Alleys in Chania


Port of Chania with its taverns and cafes



The absence of the airport for quick access to Rethymnon shouldn’t be a obstacle for a visit. A city very much alive all year around, also with narrow picturesque alleys, wonderful harbor filled with cafés and restaurants, the seaside castle, are some of the elements that make us recommend this diamond of Crete for a Fall getaway. (Rethymnon Hotels)


Castle in Rethymno


Picturesque harbor in Rethymno



Alleys in Rethymno


92 km from Heraklion, Ierapetra is located on the southeastern coast of Crete. If you have not visited it in the summer because of the heat, then you can do so during Fall. Beside the town with the Kales Castle and the house where, according to legend, lived Napoleon Bonaparte, you can visit the nearby villages of Ierapetra. The nature here is very impressive, especially the canyons, the most famous of them is the Mylonas canyon. (Ierapetra Hotels)


Ierapetra by night




Castle Kales



ierapetraHarbor sidewalk


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