Fall Destinations – Peloponnese

In Peloponnese there are countless destinations which you can visit during Fall. We present you some of them.


Epidaurus is just 125 km away from Athens. This small village with less than 2000 residents, is surrounded by nature, has a small and picturesque harbor with restaurants and its history travels you to Ancient Greece. Ideal place for relaxation away from crowds. (Epidaurus Hotels)


Picturesque Epidaurus harbor filled with caique (traditional fishing boats)


Houses among nature south of Epidaurus


Night view of Epidaurus


The famous theater of Ancient Epidaurus


Epidaurus and its church


Nafplion doesn’t requires many recommendations. A beautiful city where you can find everything. The attractions both inside and outside of Nafplio are many. The surrounding area with its unique nature, definitely deserves a tour. 16 km from Nafplion, there is Kefalari village, with a beautiful church. It is worth visiting! (Nafplion Hotels)

Ναύπλιο Μπούρτζι

The famous Bourtzi in Nafplion port


Picturesque alleys in Nafplion


Castle in Nafplio


Virgin Mary church in Kefalari


Kalavryta is a popular winter destination in Peloponnese. But the charming mountain village is suitable for visit all year round. A ride on the famous train, quality food in restaurants and taverns, caves and alleys of Kalavryta, are «magnets» that attract visitors from all over Greece throughout the year. (Kalavryta Hotels)

Καλαβρυτα 2

Houses in Kalavryta

Καλαβρυτα σοκακια

Alleys in Kalavryta

Καλαβρυτα σοκάκια

Alleys in Kalavryta

καλαβρυτα τρενο

The famous train and the unique route

ΚαλαβρυταKalavryta from above



300 km from Athens, Monemvasia is one of the most unique places in Peloponnese and Greece. The famous historical settlement, the «Old City», with its stone houses and many Byzantine churches, built on the Rock of Monemvasia, is connected with the mainland by 400m bridge. Today the Old City counts 90 permanent residents. You will of course stay on mainland, overlooking this unique rock. (Monemvasia Hotels)


Night in Monemvasia


Morning in Monemvasia


The Rock of Monemvasia


Traditional colors in the Old City



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