Chios island. The tranquil experience.

Known for the mastic and the Easter “rocket war” it offers a lot more than that.

Chios, the not so known north Aegean island, lies south of Mytilene and north of Samos. Listening to Chios, mastic is the first thing that crosses one’s mind. This island has much more to offer, especially to the travelers seeking quiet and relaxing holidays.

Chios beaches

Mavra Volia Chios

Chios hides across its coastline the definition of the term “combines sea and mountain” and most of the times the mountain is vivid green.

Chios is surrounded by a large number of beaches which are not organized bearing crystal clear waters it forms the perfect eye spa since the infinite Aegean blue rules the west side of the island and high rocks and mountains the other side. There are choices who like listening to music while lying on the beach.

The popular Glaroi beach is close to Chios town, the “beer wars” every Sunday at Komi beach, which is full of beach bars, are the two most popular choices. An in-between choice is Agia Fotia beach (Agia Fotini) which is only 10 minutes’ drive from the town of Chios or Managros at the west side of the island with the breathtaking sunset.

No matter what your choices on beaches may be, Mavra Volia (black pebbles), the award winning beach of Chios is a beach you should visit at least once. Deep, fresh, chilly dark water taking their colour from the volcanic black pebbles covering the beach and the sea bed.

Kampos of Chios

kampos Chios

It has been characterized by the authorities as a traditional settlement and is one of the must see places of the island. Kampos is located south of Chios town, just a 5 minute drive, with an architecture that will drive you away. It is an area where the aristocratic families of the island built their mansions, surrounded by orange trees groves which are of excellent quality.

You will not see much of the trees though, as they are behind tall walls, protecting the trees from the strong salty winds and the mansions from the eyes. We suggest that you visit Argentiko to see for yourselves the inner beauty and the trees behind the stone walls of Kampos.

Villages of Chios

Pyrgi Chios (2)

Chios has many villages. We suggest that those three are the must see ones: Pirgi, Mesta and Volissos.

Pirgi is the jewel of south Chios, if not of the island. The view and design of its houses has made the round of the world through pictures, videos and media. You should see for yourselves.


Mesta is a castle village on its own. It was built in the Byzantine period in such a way that its inhabitants could protect themselves from the raids of pirates and it is a protected settlement. You can visit it by bus travelling to South Chios or drive for about 40 minutes.


In North west Chios, Volissos may be a break to those visiting the nearby beaches or a visit to Volissos not only to see the medieval character of the hill top village, but to enjoy its architecture and the local delicacies served at the taverns.

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One thought on “Chios island. The tranquil experience.

  1. Chios ist eine wunderschöne faszinierende Insel mit wunderschönen Stränden und sehr Herzlichen Menschen und Sehenswürdigkeiten. Ich habe dor viele schöne Urlaube verbracht bei wunderbaren Griechischen Freunden in Armolia und dabei nach und nach die wunderschöne Insel kennen gelernt. Es war mit einer meiner schönsten Zeiten in meinem bisherigem Leben.Danke Chios.Danke Freunde.Efradisto and Cherete Fritz Wenzel


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